Prompt Export Delivery Before Holidays was Successfully Completed

add time:2021/2/9

In order to prevent the influence of production suspension and inconvenience of transportation during the Chinese Spring Festival holidays to the smelting operation of Korean customers, the sales staff of the supply and marketing department communicated with the customer in advance and signed the contract of the first quarter in mid-January, requiring the first batch of 800 tons of products need to be delivered to the destination port before the Holidays. After receiving the contract, the management team worked with the production department to formulate a complete delivery plan based on the
raw material storage and production schedule, and immediately convened a dispatch meeting to unify the thoughts & implement the responsibility to all staffs. Then proceed to organize production,
packaging, and contact the team for delivery. After 15 days of continuous hard work, it was ensured that all the goods arrived at the Tianjin Port yard before January 31 for loading and reinforcement
operations and orderly export.

The successful completion of the export guarantee work has made the company's overall supply and production organization capabilities highly recognized by Korean customers, laying a solid

foundation for the completion of the annual sales task.

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