The Company held the Year-End Working Summary Meeting

add time:2022/1/29

On January 24, the company held the year - end working summary meeting to summarize & review the full - year work in 2021 and deploy key tasks in 2022. Mr. Ran Wanqiang - the General Manager, presided over the meeting and commented on the work of each department and leaders throughout the year. Mr. Zhang Xuewen -- the Chairman made a summary of the meeting and put forward specific requirements for the company’s development in 2022. All leaders of departments attended the meeting and made summary.

At the meeting, the leaders of each department summarized their work, and their responsibilities and work completion, carefully searched & analyzed the reasons for the deficiencies in the work and targeted the work plan in 2021 accordingly.

Mr. Ran Wanqiang fully affirmed the achievements of each department and pointed out the problems and deficiencies too. He asked all department leaders to perform their duties and fulfill their responsibilities, adjust their work ideas in a timely manner based on issues and work goals, enhance work planning and foresight, strengthen system management, focus on details, strengthen studying and make every effort to successfully complete the 2022 production and sales goals.

Mr. Zhang Xuewen summarized the reports from each department. He emphasized that in 2022, the company must focus on several aspects, everyone will make effort to ensure smooth runs of the company’s production and operation, strengthen quality management, ensure product quality stability and make sure the finished products could meet customer requirements, strengthen refined management, improve the sense of responsibility and strictly implement product formula and process control, improve production processes and facilities, improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity, strengthen production safety management and ensure zero injury during production and operation. In 2022, the production and sales volume will increase steadily on the basis of 2022, and need to work harder on the development of blank markets and customers to achieve the company’s established goals as planned.

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